Argentina Ski & Snowboard Instructor Course – Final Week!

The last week in Argentina for this years trainees, was an awesome one; everybody was in a great mood because they’d all qualified as ski or snowboard instructors and had finally finished their exams. We’d done the ‘work hard’ bit and were all ready for the ‘play hard’ part of the course!

gap year ski course
Emma, Colo and some of the skiers

The amazing snow we were blessed with at the beginning of the week made for super conditions for our freestyle camp with the Argentinean legends. This years’ group have really embraced their freestyle roots since being taught how to front flip by their BASI trainers, during their Instructor Course!

Peak Leaders Argentina
Blue skies and big grins


Cerro Catedral Snowboard Park
We have no idea how Dave managed to return home alive!

The following day was just as action-packed, with a trip to a local National Park where we had our final Asado (BBQ) Argentinean style with some local gauchos! There was some great traditional dress from worn by our hosts for the day!

adventure Argentina
A local Gaucho preparing a traditional Argie Asado

Once everyone had eaten the giant slabs of beef on offer we were in for some adrenaline-charged fun but not skiing or snowboard this time! Horse riding in the outback! Some of the trainees hadn’t ever ridden a horse and some were accomplished riders, nevertheless everyone had the time of their lives! The horse riding, as always, was right up there with being one of the best days of the course!

backpack Argentina
A drag-race Gaucho style!

Once all our bags were packed, and we said goodbye to all of the amazingly charismatic staff at El Retorno the group flew to Buenos Aires for the final couple of days. What a blast that was!

Crammed into a couple of days we did a tour of the traditional and bohemian areas and even had time to sample the insane nightlife, there was no time for sleeping in B.A!

gap year ski courses
Ally trying his new dance moves on the locals!

Everyone loved B.A. and had an awesome time! Buenos Aires is huge bustling city with so much character and history. We had our final amazing ‘Argie’ steak on the last night of the course at an ‘all you can eat’ meat restaurant…..sounds dangerous doesn’t it! Despite a lethargic start most of the trainees managed to party the night away Argentinean style; in B.A the clubs don’t open until 3am!

Fortunately everyone had an amazing time in Argentina; some even described it as the best time of their lives!  It should definitely be a country to visit on your bucket list if you haven’t already been there!

Peak Leaders Argentina 2012
I hate goodbyes….


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