A day of Whistler Park Techness. Check the photos and video

“Tech” has been the theme of the last few days here in Whistler Bike Park. Toady has been all about learning how to guide through the tricker/steeper/rootier/rockier side of Whistler Bike Park. Yeah!

Joyride scope
A lot of line choices
joyride rock roll whistler
Mike giving talking us through the options, and how to guide it also

Rock rolls galore and starting to tick off a few more trails too. This is all “Upper Joyride”. A definite favorite of mine.

Whistler bike course
Fabio dropping in
Joyride Whistler
Dom practicing guideing us while Dan takes on the left


Whistler bike course
Ed going into the Abyss

Line choice, pressure control and brake control are definitely the focuses for all lot of these trails.

Check the vid out…..


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