Sun, Snow and Searching for Beacons

Its been a great week here in Banff, we’ve had more snow, more sunshine than we’re used to and everyone is on track for their Level 1’s next week.

Some of the highlights have been, some of Kenji’s ‘Adventure’ runs.  Jesse has been doing the same with the snowboarders with an excursion out onto the ‘shoulder’!  There has also been some epic partying.

Michael Davies reporting in:

Since the last blog was written the group as a whole seems to have grown closer and everyone appears to get along with each other.


Nobody can wait until the Level 1 course starts next Tuesday and the excitement is building day by day. Kenji has been leading the skiers to glory and everyone is progressing well and improving. Possibly the funniest moment of the skiing so far was Lizee’s fall on a double black mogul run where she fell at the top and tumbled head over heel down the run, all the way to the bottom. Harry removed his skis and sprinted up the hill like a true hero to save his fallen princess and thankfully she was ok. But it would’ve been good to get it on video. Also, apparently it’s her birthday next week? (Although she is trying to keep it a secret)

Kenji also has two favourite skiers who he admires for their skill and bravery – Michael and Fergus. He doesn’t just see them as students; he sees them as valued friends and companions. Sadly he believes Andy is bottom of the leaderboard.

The boarders enjoy having Jesse as their coach and they aspire to one day be as good as the skiers. Jesse is doing his best to accomplish this task, although the odds are stacked against him. Frankie is destroying the powder on his freestyle board. Will tried to emulate his hero (Michael) by buying the same helmet as him.

Everyone also completed their avalanche training and the second day when we were outside was pretty awesome.


We had to dig pits and Andy had to jump on top of a section with his skis on and he fell in, which was moderately funny.


Various snow tests were conducted and then we did a beacon transceiver search thing which apparently the girls were the best at (lies)

The nightlife is good, with Australia day/night being a particular favourite, although I won’t go into detail. But it was a good night. Romance is still blossoming for a certain couple <3.


The food is excellent, the snow is excellent, the hot tub is excellent, the instructors are excellent, the accommodation is excellent. So far the experience has been excellent. Thanks to Matt for guiding us!
St.Johnstone for Europe 10/11





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