Spring time in the Whizzle

It’s spring time, but someone forgot to tell Whistler. The fronts are still coming in, and the snow is still falling. Another surprise snow day, with 20cm falling overnight. The base is still sitting at 250 cms!

Saying that though, we’ve also had a load of really nice hot days. The days on the mountain have been a mix of sunny, slushy days, and powder days. Off the mountain we’ve also been BBQing some pretty mean steaks in true Aussie style, and getting out for some meals around the town too.

The Telus Ski Snowboard Festival has been on all this week. There has been constant free live music in the village square, lots of art exibitions and competions, and ski and snowboard comps too. Plenty of time spent hitting the bars and clubs too.

Amogst all that, we’ve been training hard! One more week before the Level 2! Good luck to everyone.






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