Peak Leaders Spring Session 2010

In the last blog I mentioned that we’d had a big air contest and picnic to finish off the training. Well, everybody survived due to the soft spring afternoon conditions and below are some of the photos from the event:

(The crowds gathered for the spectacle)

(Steve and Izzy dropped some tasty moves whilst wearing some tasty outfits)

(Tricky Dicky getting all tricky in the afternoon sun)

(George with the biggest air of the day)

(Callum showing us how to ruin a beautiful view)

Nick ‘Stiff Leg’ Renton proving he can actually bend his knees)

(Local hero and breakfast connisseur Sammy came purely to work on his tan and skull a few beers but ended-up busting the most stylish trick of the day)

(J-Bomb aka Crusher flexing his guns)

(Jake and his new tan line)

(Cat about to get a face full of snow……and Chris loving it!)

(Tricky Dicky with a bs180 method)

(Dave showing the trainees how to backflip)

(Jake’s first attempt…………fair play!!!)

(George stepped-up to the challenge)

(Chris finally grew a pair and stomped his second ever attempt……he even got a cheeky grab in there!)

In other news; the three trainees that had to retake their BASI level 1 all passed!!!!!! Well done guys!





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