WOW, What a Week! The Final Farewell :-(

 With all the exams finished, it was time to have some serious FUN!!! We started the week on Tuesday  with a trip to Calgary to watch the NHL Calgary Flames vs Anaheim Ducks at the Saddledome. It was a very eventful trip with a few issues of getting lost on the highway :-P Also we stopped off at one of the largest shopping malls I’ve ever seen, Cross Irons Mills. Inside were some ridiculously cool shops, such as Outdoor World. Checkout the pictures below, it was awesome :-P

After yet another lost trip on the highway we made it to downtown Calgary and made it to the Saddledome!

Calgary Flames

The game was incredible, with a fight starting with in 2 minutes of the game starting. Everyone was cheering for the Flames and it worked as the final score was 3-1 to the Flames. GO FLAMES GO!!!

Kicking Horse

Wednesday we got up at 6am to get on the bus to go to Kicking Horse, one of the newest resorts in the world, it opened in 2000! We had an amazing day and with hardly anyone else at the resort it was like having our own resort for the day :-P

Delirium Dive

 Thursday was another hunt for powder but a little closer to Banff. We headed up to Delirium Dive, one of the best in bounds freeride areas in the world. It is considered an avalanche area, so transceivers were compulsory along with shovels and probes. Don’t worry though, no avalanches were set off and we all went through uninjured.

End of Course Party

That night we had the end of course party, organised by Mal. We started off in the Elk and Oarsman for dinner and a few pitchers, then we went to the Rose and Crown for a pool competition, surprisingly won by Jamie. The next pub sport on the agenda was Foosball at The Devils Gap, won by myself, Sam (Ranked 270th in the UK at Foosball!) and Rob. The night ended with some darts at Tommy’s. Although it was sad it was a brilliant night to end things on :-)

Sulphur Mountain

Friday was a day of recovery for some but for four of us we decided to go on a hike up Sulphur Mountain then dip in the hot springs afterwards. A 5.6km hike certainly cleared some heads after last night and the dip in the hot springs afterwards was very much welcome! Especially with some wearing the 1930s style swimming wear :-P

Departure Day

Saturday was departure day for the team. I very sad affair after 11 weeks of fantastic fun and magical moments that everyone will carry with them forever. I’d like to thank everyone involved; Kenji, Juan and the whole Sunshine Village Snowsports School for giving us top notch training; Irwins Mountain Inn for the great accommodation; all the restaurants for the fantastic food and finally the team. It’s been a pleasure being your course leader for the past 11 weeks and I wish you all the best of luck in all your future endeavours. Have a safe journey home and make sure you go rip it up whenever you can :-P

All the best,

Your course leader,

Sam Feltham

P.S. Don’t forget to checkout more pictures on the Facebook group!!!


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