Good times, and Level 1 done!

So It has been a few weeks since the last blog, and what a few weeks it has been!


Firstly and most importantly, we have just finished the Level 1, and everyone passed. Congrats to everybody, you earnt it! We’re all now officially instructors.





We’ve been training hard, and, well, going pretty hard off the hill as well. The Olympics were an awesome time in town, and the village was a constant party. In typical Whistler style, we’ve had plenty of snow and powder days over the last few weeks too, and to top it off, the mountain was always super quiet! Amazing. The Para-lympics followed, and there were some pretty awesome skills on display also.



A Team Peak Leaders 5-a-side football team has been created for a local competion. Game 1 didn’t quite go as planned. But, there has been plenty of driveway training since, and things are looking good.


After the results came in, we’ve had a good chance to relax, and take in some bars and clubs.


Back to it on Monday, with the Level 2 now in our sights. 15cms due over night. Yeooow!


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