First Week & First Aid

 The beginning of the course proper, started with a typically large North American breakfast. We then headed up to the mountain where we met our instructors for the next 11 weeks. Kenji for the skiers and Juan for the snowboarders. As a skier, our day was spent as a bit of a free ski on varying terrain (the double black diamond was interesting), to give Kenji an idea of what he was up against. The evening was dinner at the Rose & Crown, followed by a few socialble drinks with the locals, enabling the gang to do a bit of social networking. Tommy’s it would seem, is THE place to be. With one vegetarian amongst the group, Lauren is fast becoming a connoisseur of vegetarian fajitas.
Kenji and his crew

Juan and his crew
Wednesday saw the start of the lessons for the skiers, with some back to basics instruction working on balance and stance. As a group, the skiers have varied experience, with several years of annual ski holidays to just a dozen days on the mountain. The group overall seems strong and everyone is taking onboard all the advice given and already improvements in individual performances can be seen. Dinner tonight was at the YWCA at the other end of town, but that meant having to pass all the bars on the way back to the hotel.

More technique skiing saw some more visits to the moguls and a bit of off piste skiing. The weather at the top of the mountain saw visibility to arm lengths and wind that nearly brought you to a standstill. Although this didn’t stop Kenji having us ski from top to bottom (down black runs and moguls) with no poles and hands on knees, lets just say that interesting was an understatement. An excellent meal was had at the Elk & Horsemen tonight, handily right opposite Tommy’s.

So Friday saw the end of the first week skiing the inprovement of each individual can be seen already. The instructors here are clearly at a standard of what each of us should be aspiring to achieve, as I know that is the standard I want to be. For the skiers, next week will see a temporary change to our instrauctor as Kenji is taking part in a Level 4 exam, hard to imagine he needs to be tested. And as the weekend had landed, it was only expected for the hair to be let down, kick back and do some more social networking. A late night visit to McDonalds saw an unamed person purchase $17 of fries and coke, of which he didn’t really want, however due the ‘icy’ conditions outside, he fell over repeatedly and dropped most of it anyway.

The first weekend off turned out not to be a weekend off, as we had a Standard First Aid course, much to the disappoint of the group as there had been overnight snow and the weather was perfect. As a varied group of people ranging from a farmer to students and a Military Policeman to a Pharmacist, our experiences in medical knowledge was also varied. But as a whole, the group found the course a bit laborious, but still very worthwhile.

As the week one Blogger, all I can say is that each day is even better than the day before. And even if things didn’t go quite right, ‘Better a bad day on the mountain, than a good day in the office’.

Mal Kay


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