The Shadows Part 2

This week was another week of shadowing, and with last weeks experience the team were able to be a lot more hands on. Especially Charlie and Felix who got the chance to put on some ES jackets when they helped out with Help for Heros, which is a charity that funds activities for injured soldiers and in Verbier that means helping them to learn to adaptive ski.

Charlie   Felix in the coveted ES jackets.
It wasn’t all about shadowing though this week, the team were able to blow off some steam with a snowball fight that lasted around 40 minutes :-P

We also had man night, which was organised by Sandy one of the trainers. The idea was that we had to wear a sleeveless top and only talk about manly things otherwise we were in violation of the rules and had to do a shot. The night was full of merriment and plenty of banter and I expect it to happen again :-)

Finally on Saturday, it was the Carlsberg High Five. The event has four disciplines Giant Slalom, Slalom, Skier Cross and Snowboard Cross. The competitors range from world class skiers and snowboarders to people who are just on holiday. Some of the team and I sat off piste to get a full view of the races.


Well it’s been an action packed week and with only one week of training before the BASI Level 2 exam it’s time for everyone to get their heads down and do some serious skiing.

’till next week then,


P.S. Don’t forget to check out the facebook group for more pics and vids.


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