By Freddie Vereker


Firstly I have to mention that Hugo Boardman is a Schweffy loser, ultimate subtraction of LAD points. MAN UP! You are whipped. Also Laura has been very very ill this week and has stayed at home. MAN UP! We only have one week left.

So this week was the first week of BASI 2 and everybody was very nervous, especially Fergus. We are lucky though because our trainers are awesome. Nothing particularly interesting happened during training as we were all on our finest behaviour.

After a subdued beginning of the week some of us ventured to the Pub Mont Fort on Wednesday night for the end of season beach party…which was nice. Look on Facebook for photographs, I think they might be a bit explicit for this website. The second half of the week saw more hard work and everyone seemed focused, except Fergus. I think the general positive attitude is rubbing off on the trainers as we are all becoming pals. Also IT SNOWED QUITE A LOT. We were all very happy as things were looking pretty green before. Unfortunately though the snow had gone within 2 days.

On Friday it was Izzy’s birthday and that night we celebrated in style dressed up in pairs chosen for us by Izzy. Best costume award I think has to go to Jack and Felix as Batman and a pretty camp looking Robin. It was a flipping awesome night and a great start to the weekend. Saturday was a duvet day all round.


Saturday night was equally as awesome. Harry and I are now good mates with Lawrence Dallaglio, raving it up in Casbah good and proper. Hugo though had an early night and thought that even though we only have one week of the season left it was probably a better idea to lie in bed with Elz and read Charlotte Bronte’s Withering Heights, a very famous novel, accompanied by a glass of vintage Italian Piedmont, a very famous wine.

On Sunday we made a video which made Alex Mal cry. We are all getting a bit sad that we are all going home soon.



P.S. Don’t forget to check out the facebook group for more pics and vids!!!


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