Autumn Course

Hi Folks,

Welcome to  the Peak Leaders Saas Fee course 2008.. The Autumn course is being run in one of the most beautiful part of the Swiss Alps. It’s a real slice of paradise up here. 

This year we have people coming from all over. The majority of the guys flew in from the U.K with  Amir and Jill coming from Iran and Thailand.

We are very lucky with the crew this season they are energetic and good fun. I can already see the good times ahead. As people arrived in and got settled into their rooms we got the festivities going  by getting some amusing stories from the guys and a few Ice breaker and Team building excercises so people could get to know each other a little better. Some things still remain unresolved like, who plays the best  rugby? Who plays the best soccer? And where can Roddy get another set of gold sandals!

We also are fortunate this season to be staying in the really wonderful Park Hotel run by Patrick and Jutta. It’s really great accommodation and the guys  seem very happy with their rooms.

We had more than regular evening festivities as Kyp  had just turned 19 years young. After blowing out the candles on the cake  it was out on the town to celebrate., The following morning it was surprising to see him doing so well on the slopes after his new friends the night before kept reminding him it was his birthday at the bar, not  even a head ache, even at altitude!




The guys all had an early start as it is glacier skiing and Roddy gave a great tour and introduction to the mountain whilst  also passing on some of the fundamentals of being a ski coach and some personal feedack on technique.

A big highlight of the day was an avalanche that kicked off outside the resort in full view of the team who could watch it in the safety of the pisted area



I headed down the mountain to set up  the Saas Fee Derby Treasure hunt which the guys should be heading out on soon. It’s great to see a team of people that are not just content on going skiing and having fun, but also very motivated to achieve all of the ski qualifications they can do. Stay tuned for more on what’s happening with the folks  in Saas Fee, it’s is only just beginning.



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