Tuning, remarkables and Coronet

First day of lessons. All the skiers and snowboarders headed off into their separate groups on Coronet Peak to met their instructors.  It was a nice easy day, getting to know our little groups and sussing out our level of skiing/boarding. I think everyone got to try some cool group maneuvers, zigzagging as a group….did not turn out as planned…but we have 10 weeks to perfect that.

The group spent Wednesday at Coronet and Thursday at The Remarks exploring the terrain. The tuning sessions that Dahj has given us have come in handy too. We all have some reading to do over the weekend and looking forward to the more serious stuff.

We’ve now split up into our groups with the coaches, and started to get into the training. Its been a big first week and the weekend will be much appreciated and a chance to begin to find out all that Queenstown has to offer.

Plenty of time to take in the scenery around Queenstown before the hard work starts in the NZSIA


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