Storming, Forming and Norming

We headed down to Winnies, a chill out spot that Dahj recommended today. Myself (Jan), Tory, Phil, Florin “the foreigner”, Tim, Joe, Cameron, Dahj, Claire and Ellie. Drinking started at around 12 noon and ended up with a few of us in the hot tub later on that evening from around 7 ‘till 11, was good for the early arrivals to get to know each other. All of us were out like lights after traveling for 30 hours…. except Tory. That’s about all for Saturday now just waiting for the new arrivals to come and get the training underway.

Sunday now and the few of that are already here head up to Coronet Peak with Dahj. The most-stacks-of-the -day award has to be handed to Florin with about 4 in the first 5 minutes, he wiped me out and almost took me head first down the” Back Bowls” then Florin stood up look at me and shouted like it was my fault.

Hot chocolate and rum went down a treat as introduced by Michael (the second half of Gloria).

Almost all of us are here now its Monday night and a big group head out into Queenstown.

The New Zealand 2008 ski and snowboard instructor crew


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