Freestyle preperation

We were back at Remarks again with Tony, yesterday was the freestyle intro so today was going to be more rider development before CSI. We had a few warm up runs and set out to get our switch riding sweet. The day was pretty relaxed, Tony started us off with some regular to switch exercises which got the group flying down the slopes like a weird ballet group but things soon came together then we moved onto our basic switch skidded demos for Tony.

Everyone’s switch riding has come on super fast and Tony was impressed so decided to take us to a small lip to try and get us to ‘hand plant’. The ‘hand plants’ were more falling with little style and grace but a nice break from the thought of the CSI being a week away!!

Tony getting some air in New ZealandTony buttering the slide box in NZThe afternoon was spent showing our regular basic turns on the magic carpet for Tony to check our demos. After a few pointers and tweeks we were all looking good and went onto practice teaching, Matt, Swissy, Jen and Hannah all taught as if we were in the exam, before we knew it it was time to head back down and get ready for the Hot Tob and a few beers to chill out, good times!
Today we all headed up to the remarks for some amazing riding! For me this was the best day of the course so far! Well us riders spent the morning hiking the box over and over again attempting to do board slides and then moving on to spinning on the box which i must say swissy was amazing at. Tony also got us girls doing some tap dancing on the box which was pretty funny! After getting some very bruised backsides we then hiked up the esculator and elavator chutes, what a mission! but it was well worth it when we finally got to the top as the views were amazing and the ride down was scary but lots of fun.

After a very well deserved lunch we spent the afternoon preparing for the CSI, this involved teaching each other level 1 and 2. 1 week to go and we arnt quite sounding like instructors yet aaahh! My achevement of the day was getting the nick name jibber jen!!


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