Freestyle day!

Freestyle day!! We all headed up to remarks with tony for a day of freestyle in one of the many parks! We started off on the butter box learning rail riding progression.  It was a perfect day with the sun shining and good snow. Tony led us through 50/50’s regular and switch, then onto front side and backside board slides.

There were quite a few good bails and i spent a lot of time on my ass learning to spin on the box!!! Swissy and Jay Jay were little jib masters spinning on the box,  Jen has now been named jibber jen after some sick moves on various boxes.

Tony got his first jug for falling during a demo of what not to do!! Classic.

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Maha and Hannah learnt some ‘tap dances ‘ and other moves on the butter box while matt charges hard at some frontside board slides!!

The afternoon was pretty cool, we hiked to the elevator chute to ride something a little different. The hike was sooooo tiring!! We all need to step up our fitness!! The view from the top was worth it though!! After catching our breath and taking a few photos we strapped in and set off down the chute! Maha almost went flying down past everyone as it was super steep!

Jay Jay had the bail of the day after digging his nose into the snow and cart wheeling for some time!!

In the afternoon we moved into the park again to go through the jump progression, we each hit the jump as we would normally, the results were mixed to say the least!!

Tony took us back up and took us through basic straight airs, moving onto shiftys and nose and tail tweeks! everyone was worn out after hiking back up the jump and we called it a day after one last jump where we could try and grab we wanted. Jay Jay got a sweet nose grab, Matt charged at the jump and went big trying a backside 1. I tried to pop out a method as a change to my favored Japan air! Tom and the girls all got sweet straight airs with various grabs!

The day was awesome and everyone was shattered after allot of hiking and jibbing! Next stop the Burton Stash!!


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