Break from training

Jibbing about in the morning, and practising our basic stance was really fun, then a harder session of practising teaching, with the best part being Matty’s rugby-style warm-up.Tonight is going to involve some hardcore bowling, with the teams being the ski and snowboard groups from the hill.

Another great day of skiing and boarding was had by all and the fun continued when the sun went down.

The evening began at the supermarket, with Pete, Ed and jo shoving Maha into the smallest childs automobile trolley.

Some on hil instruction in New Zealandl

After messing about for a while, it was time to get serious. We came for food and beer, and instead left with animal masks and granny pants (pink for Pete).

After checking out Queenstown gym and Salsa classes, we then realised that dinner was an hour ago. A quick call to Myles back at base sorted that problem. We got back and got some dinner. We then realised that we missed the bowling tournament also.

We got masked-up and hit the town. Ed looked particularly fetching as a granny, Maha as a cat, Pete a ladybird Scotsman. It wasn’t long in town before the female pants came off and the true Scotsman was revealed.

Safe to say, we can expect many great night such as this one, with Wednesdays being a break from training.


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