January 07

Since our last diary entry a number of weeks have past, with many hi’s and lows for all of the group. The festive period was celebrated in true British style, by consuming silly amounts of food and alcohol, and then larking around with some locals and an inflatable guitar(seemed amusing at the time!). The new year saw a spectacular celebration on the streets of Verbier, with music, fireworks, and over 20,000 people to see the new year in with.

Of course not all of our time has been spent partying! We have also been shadowing the ES lessons in order to gain experience in different teaching styles, and make up the 70 hours ski school experience needed for our grade 3 BASI qualification. At the moment we are training all day everyday with Roddy and a former olympic bumps skier called Laura. This has proven extremely tiring, and everyone has been hitting the sack early recently.

We are due a visit from the Peak Leaders crew any moment now, so we look forward to getting to know some of the people that have provided us with such an opportunity (had to sneek a little brown nosing in….right?!). No honestly, the course is fantastic and we are all being thoroughly looked after and having a jolly good time! Some more than others, as there has also been some romance within the tight unit known as the ‘gappies’, which I shall tell you more about in my next entry!

Tommy Cragg


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